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Goodbye Plastic Wrap – Trader Joes’ Waxed Cotton Food Wraps Review

It’s no secret that single use plastic wrap takes a toll on the environment. We review waxed cotton wraps from Trader Joes.

Passionate about zero waste living?  You’ve probably heard about waxed cotton sheets. Waxed cotton food wraps seem to be everywhere lately – and with good cause. They’re a fantastic, old-school solution to environmentally harmful plastic wraps. An now, they’re even at Trader Joes!

While Trader Joes gets a lot of (well justified) criticism about the amount of plastic packaging their products use, them selling waxed cotton is definitely a step in the right direction. No business is perfect, and it’s important to give credit where credit is due and support good decisions.

The set sells for $8.99 and contains three sheets; small (7×7 inches), medium (12×12 inches), and large (16×16 inches).

Made in Tunisia  — the label lists them as being made with “100 percent cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine resin.” We’ve used them a few times so far and they seem to hold up great for everything from covering leftovers in a bowl, to wrapping up half cut veggies.

Perfect For Zero Waste School Lunches

Little plastic baggies are just terrible – and a typical family will go through tons of them making daily school lunches.  Waxed cotton wraps like the ones Trader Joes has started selling are a fantastic reusable alternative to plastic sandwich bags – just wrap up and sandwich and rinse it off when it’s done doing it’s thing.  When they’re eventually all worn out, just compost them.  Easy Peasy.

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